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Google Webhp

Sunday, October 2, 2011

            What is google webhp? Why are we going to see google webhp? And what we will resistance to viruses and hackers?
            We know there are many hackers who makes viruses and making dirty to online universe. When you are going to google webhp you don't know what are you doing, because there are felse websites with advertisements. There is also program and this one thefts your computer information. That time if you have bank account or other informations there will be steal with hackers too.

           Some people who has not online aducation click every adds and they are going to google webhp or
           I advice you?

     1) Google programs ( they are blocking webhp virus.)
     2) Get original version.
     3) It will be good to scan your computer sistem.
     4) Delete every files.
     5) Delete games.
     6) You are closing all windows.
     7) Close opera or mozilla firefox.
     8) At the end you switch off your computer.

          I will say you about my friend. He is 24 years old. I don't write his name. He had got 5000$ in bank. With online he was controling his bank account, but last month he visit google webhp virus and loss account parole. First time he was very nervous, then he was calling to bank manager and got new parole. After that incident my friend is more thoughtful and always use original google programs. They are fighting to every viruses.

         In online forums people say that after google webhp they don't see google, youtube, yahoo. Because this virus is very strong and it will stay in your computer hostile if you don't blot out it. It is not easy thing to erase that one, but there are many computer companies who is very professionaly and helps you if you want it. In my opinion google webhp guide is the most important when you are fighting with google webhp.

       The most dangerous thing is when google webhp virus blocking google adsense and account. This moment you must call google analytics and send to help you. Because if other people goes to your google account he can changes full name and after that your money will get that hacker. He also can change your email.
       Google Webhp is very dangerous virus that's why you will be careful.

                 GOOD LUCK...


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